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Do you know that HM Revenue & Customs publish plain-English easy-to-read tax guides for its employees? Well accountants know this as we refer to them frequently so why not get yourself some free tax advice and follow the links below.

Capital allowances
Capital gains
Company taxation
Employment income
Inheritance tax
National insurance
Tax credits
PAYE online
Property income
Tax rates and allowances

Tax return completion guides

Guide on calculating taxable profits (HS222) – click (pdf)
Guide (SA103F) to filing in the full self employment form SA103 – click (pdf)
Guide (SA850) to filing in the parnership return form SA800 – click (pdf)

HMRC calculators

HM Revenue & Customs also provide a whole list of useful calculators including:

  • Capital allowances hybrid rate
  • Company car and car fuel benefit calculator
  • Employment status indicator tool
  • Marginal rate relief
  • National insurance calculator
  • PAYE tax calculator
  • Stamp duty calculators
  • VAT scheme wizard

HMRC contact details and addresses

Click to search HMRC contact numbers and addresses – click

HMRC forms

Shorten the time it takes to search for a form at HMRC – click

Form 64-8 – click

Tax deadline reminders

Have an reminder email sent to you – click
List of the 2009/10 tax deadlines dates – click (pdf)

VAT flat rate scheme ready reconer

Is a flat rate VAT scheme any use to you? Find out – click

Employed or self employed (including CIS)

Test yourself with a basic online tool – click
Would HMRC consider you to be acting as an employee rather than being self employed? Find out – click
Contractors read what may signify having employees and not CIS subs (pdf file) – click
Construction Industry Scheme guide CIS340 (pdf file) – click

HMRC self employed access portal

Helpful information, guides and downloads – click

Online corporate tax filing

Guide to online CT600, accounts and tax computation filing from 1 April 2011 – click

Day to day payroll guide

If you are running a manual payroll then this is a useful link – click
Tax table A – click
Tax tables B to D – click
NIC tables A and J – click
Director NIC guidance (CA44) – click
HMRC online payroll tax calculator – click
HMRC online NIC calculator – click
More PAYE and NIC guidance (pdf) – click
Online Employer PAYE stationery orders –click
Online application for a dispensation – click
Employer Bulletin Publication – click


Reclaiming VAT guide – click

HMRC interest rates

Interest on late payment and repayment supplements – click

HMRC monthly indexation values

Useful for companies but individuals no longer benefit from indexation – click

Find out when you can claim a state pension

A state pension retirement date calculator with countdown – click

Tax practitioner site

Normal entry site – click
Entry page – click
Tax agent & advisor menu – click
New 2010/11 Penalty Regime – click

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